Hypnotic Slavery ~ Mindless Obedience

Welcome slave. My name is Charlotte. Your name is irrelevant, it belongs to a different version of you that does not exist in this shared space of exploration. This website contains information and links relating to FemDom Erotic Hypnosis, BDSM and Slavery.

Proceed with caution.




your name is slave…

Become Enslaved

Surrender to the hypnotic power of my voice, as it slides beneath the surface of your subconscious mind…


Connect With Your Destiny

Contact me and stay updated via Twitter. If you DM me to chat, have patience and expect to pay for the privilege of spending time in my company. Good boys should know how to behave properly.

Do you have a favorite Disney princess? — Nope. My favourite Disney movies as a kid were Peter Pan and Robin Hood, neither of which features a prominent Princess… https://t.co/WUMKerG4Y6

You have VERY little time left to get your hands on this sweet bag of tricks. Act now or forever hold your peace! 😘

Can you share any of your Valentine's Day plans? — I plan to go for a lovely long beach walk with my boy and the dogs, then I'll be cooking a nice meal for us and snuggli… https://t.co/J87VWnwmD2

You don't have long to take advantage of this sexy Secret Valentine. Better hustle, sweetpea. 💝

I love waking up to a ton of sales notifications, and knowing more and more boys are falling under my spell... 💋

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