Golden Calf

How many times have you prayed without ever intending to? How many times have you thought the words ‘Please God, just let this thing happen/not happen’? How many time have you tried to bargain with that worthless, absent, silent force? ‘I promise I’ll believe in you forever if you just…’ And how often have you gotten what you wanted?

God isn’t listening, sweetness. You’re alone in this world. But you don’t have to be. Somebody is listening. Somebody hears your cries in the night, when you wake in a cold sweat, clutching fear to your chest like a lover. Somebody might even be inclined to answer one or two of your prayers, if you’re willing to make a little deal. If you’re willing to walk a different path.

I’ll be your Golden Calf, sweet boy. You can kneel before me and worship, with your hard dick in your hand and a tear of relief on your cheek. Submit and serve and pray, as I prey on your sinful weakness. I accept. I will listen. I will take you. All it will cost is your soul.

A small price to pay indeed.