Charlotte’s Good Boy

Charlotte’s Good Boy – Trance Training

Those two simple little words mean the world to a sub, don’t they? I have a new session for you, my darlings. Two in fact, or at least, one for Good Girls, and one for Good Boys, this listing is for Good Boys.

In this session, I will be teaching you just how easy it is to be a truly excellent hypnotic subject for me. And once you have demonstrated your ability to go into deep trance for me, I’ll be creating some interesting and exciting associations, deep in your subconscious mind. My good boys will be rewarded, with the most exquisite sensations. The most wonderful feelings! This is a session to come back to time and time again, each time enjoying it more, and each time making those associations just a little stronger. Call it conditioning if you will, I simply call it fun!

(26 min)

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