Chastity & Keyholding

Descend into Delicious Desperation


A boy in chastity is a very attentive and well behaved boy indeed. I simply adore locking up slutty cocks and refusing access until you want to cry! And quite honestly, I think you deserve to have your orgasms taken away from you for a while. Perhaps it will teach you to value them more.

As your keyholder, I expect you to already own a reasonable chastity device, and numbered plastic locks such as these. You will be expected to be accountable via a non-identifying picture of the serial number each day. Chastity is not for the faint of heart, nor for the grumpy, selfish or impatient. It is something of a spiritual journey, and the price tag is reflective of this. It takes time, effort and commitment to engage in chastity play, from you and I both. Of course, I fully intend to tease you mercilessly along the way. 😉

Tribute presently stands at $100+ per week. Contact me to discuss your individual needs.