Custom Sessions

A Sublimely Personal Experience


Are you looking to take the next step toward complete hypnotic submission? Or perhaps you’re seeking a really unique experience you can’t find anywhere else? Darling, you’re in the right place!

My full-length custom sessions are created entirely from scratch to meet your particular kinky needs. Your mp3 will be finished in an average of 30 days, although you may choose to request a Rush Order for an additional charge.

Take a look through the options listed below, and when you’re ready, just fill out the form to order your custom session.

Mind Control Loops

$150  per 5 minutes of audio, up to 15 minutes maximum

These sessions are not traditional hypnosis, but rather a mind-warping cascade of carefully designed vocals and sounds with hypnotic elements. As a general rule, these loops will contain three separate vocal tracks, which will brainwash you entirely and force suggestions and ideas deep into your mind, where they may take root and blossom.  There is no beginning or ending, as the track loops seamlessly end to end, creating a truly immersive and inescapable experience!

Standard Length Custom Session

$445 – 30 minutes of audio

You are very likely familiar already with this type of hypnosis session. You’ll find many of them in my free catalogue! These sessions are typically composed of a single vocal track with soft background music, and include a full hypnotic induction followed either by a sexy guided fantasy or a relentless barrage of suggestions to control or manipulate behaviour or thoughts, ending with an awakener to return you to consciousness.

Long Custom Session

$665 – 45 minutes of audio

Long custom sessions are composed of the same elements as standard length sessions, but give you significantly more time to enjoy yourself within my hypnotic realm. A longer length means more detail to your fantasy, more sexy description, more time for reinforcement of suggestions and a significantly deeper trance experience overall. If you want to get irrevocably lost in my words, this may be the right option for you.


Rush Order:  +$250 If you really can’t bear to wait for your custom session, I will drop everything else to get yours finished within 7 working days of payment.

Whisper Track: +$100 (30 mins)  +$150 (45 mins) If you select this option, I will create a secondary vocal track, either whispered or quietly spoken, which will play behind the main vocals of your session. Whisper tracks generally contain repetitive or additional information, affirmations or hypnotic deepeners. They do not contain a whole new hypnosis script.

Binaural/Monaural/Isochronic Tones:  +$50 If you respond particularly well to brainwave entrainment, you might like for me to design a unique and personal beat track to accompany your session; incorporating specific frequency changes at key moments to deepen your trance experience.

Script Only:  Contact me for details.


All custom sessions are individually written with unique content. Session lengths may vary by up to a couple of minutes, due to natural fluctuations in speech pattern and tempo.

I retain the rights to all custom sessions created by me. Occasionally, if it is suitable, I may offer a generic version (all identifying information removed) of your mp3 for sale in my store. If you do not agree to this, please contact me to discuss exclusivity fees. Custom sessions are for your own private use and may not be redistributed, resold or altered without my express consent.

Order Your Custom MP3

DO NOT send payment yet!

Once I have received your custom order request, I will get in touch with you to discuss details. Sending a request does not guarantee that I will accept it, so please keep hold of your money until I send you payment info. Payments sent before I have agreed to create a custom session for you will be taken as tribute.