Haus of Gray

Haus of Gray – FemDom Slave Conditioning

Welcome to the Haus of Gray, my darling. It’s a place where your deepest and most submissive fantasies are laid bare and made manifest. A place where there are no rules but those of my choosing. Inside the Haus of Gray you become just an empty vessel, a container for the thoughts, ideas and desires that I plant inside you. Feeling what I tell you to feel, thinking what I want you to think, being what I say you will be. And finding, perhaps to your own surprise that you are comfortable here, safely hidden away from the outside world as you explore your submissive nature.

You are entirely under the influence and control of the Mistress at the Haus of Gray, compliant to her wishes, detached from the drudgery of everyday life, addicted beyond reason. Welcome, take a seat, your new life awaits you…

(29.5 min)

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