Hot for Teacher

Hot for Teacher – Naughty Teacher Fantasy Hypnosis

I think you’ve been a bit of a naughty boy, haven’t you?

Yes that’s right, I saw you looking down my blouse while I was leaning over my desk to gather my lecture notes. And do you know what happens to dirty boys like you? They get held back after class, for a stern talking to and some extra homework.

Of course, you could always make it up to me, boy. You could prove to me that you do respect my authority, and that you’re very sorry indeed for being such a naughty slut. How? Well I would have thought that was obvious… By taking a good spanking with my wooden ruler, and when you’re feeling properly chastised, joining me on my desk for a little extra-curricular activity!

Oh and sweetness, don’t forget to leave an apple on my desk before you leave. 😉

(45 min)

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