For the attention of…

The past few years have been incredibly busy for me. Aside from being a full time lifestyle Domme with several boys to rule over, I’ve also been working to set up my vanilla hypnotherapy business, completing educational courses in psychotherapy and advanced clinical hypnosis, working with a local dance school and designing perfume blends for an online retailer. To sum up: Good Lord I’ve been busy!

Busy is not a bad thing though, for women like myself. Busy is control and accomplishment. Two things I very much enjoy, as you probably already know.

It’s a strange thing. The more I do, the more I want to do. The more I achieve, the more I feel at peace with my world. And what I most want to do right now, is take a little break from scholarly pursuits, and relax into the warmth and comfort of my beautiful world here, in the wonderful erotic hypnosis community. You may have noticed my presence has become more frequent of late, and more demanding. Get used to it, sweetness. My creativity is at an all-time high, and my need to dominate and control is rapidly shooting off the scale!

I am effervescent with desire, exuberant with possibilities and positively ebullient at the thought of where I might go next. Where I might take you, when you inevitably surrender to my voice and pledge your mind to my superior feminine wishes.

Tell me sweetness, don’t you want to be taken? 😉


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