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Charlotte | January 13, 2020

Hello sweetness, welcome to my blog. I think this is probably about the fifth time I’ve started a new blog! I am guilty in some sense, of treating words as disposable. Every time I’ve wiped a few (or a few hundred) blog posts, I say to myself “Well I can always write more”. Because the thing is, sometimes my interests are transitory. Sometimes I allow myself to get all kinds of carried away on a subject, and then promptly lose interest three months later. A bit like real life, I suppose.

I’ve been doing erotic hypnosis for a LOT of years now. An entire decade, in fact. More than that if you count all the time I spent on it in my private life, but that doesn’t really matter to you guys. 😉 And in that decade, I’ve changed. Grown up. Moved on from certain things; certain beliefs, certain truths that once felt fundamental to my very being, and now all these years later seem vague and somewhat strange. One thing that hasn’t changed at all though, is my deep love for all things hypno. That hasn’t changed one bit. I’m still as excited, as delighted, and as fascinated by all the weird and wonderful shit that can happen in the subconscious. I don’t think that particular love will ever fade. At least, I very sincerely hope it doesn’t.

You’ve obviously noticed that I have a lovely new website. Awesome, isn’t it? It was time for a complete overhaul; I’d been using my old website design since 2012, and no amount of faffing about with CSS or prettifying the graphics was making it better! And of course all of my scattered old free sessions are now collected for your streaming pleasure, right here once again. (Yay, the UK’s absurd porn block legislation fell through!) I still count some of those free hypno sessions as examples of my best work, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I always have. For most of you, I imagine they’ll be a sweet trip down memory lane. 🙂

I’ll be playing around with the site some more, no doubt. Updating info, photos and all that good stuff. But that will be an ongoing thing, most likely, rather than one giant change. But the most important thing I have to share with you all is this: I’m back FULL TIME, BABY! Yes, finally! This was supposed to happen last year, but having given my notice in the vanilla world (and in fact actually left my position), I was called back with urgent need. I’m a softie, what can I say? But that’s all done now, new staff have been trained and set loose upon the public, and I’m FREE!

I think that calls for a celebration, don’t you? Who’s bringing the champagne?




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