Obedience Trap

Obedience Trap – Behaviour Modification Hypnosis

Occasionally, it crosses my mind to wonder just what sort of person enjoys inflicting discomfort on people. Not just enjoys it, but seriously gets off on it. Sometimes I do wonder about that. Only for a moment, mind. Because by that point, I’m thinking about inflicting discomfort on people, and am too busy being thrilled and delighted at the prospect to give it further thought. 😉

Recently, a slutty little slave came to me with a particular fantasy. A fantasy that I bought to life for him. A fantasy that I am now going to make true for you too, if you’re brave enough to listen. My new mp3 ‘Obedience Trap’, is a remarkably devious and manipulative session. Cementing a trigger, deep into your mind. A trigger that will force you to obey my every word, when I give you an order with that specific trigger phrase, and make you feel incredible when you do. But oh, if you attempt to defy me, slut… You’ll be so very sorry.

This session contains themes of BDSM, obedience, slavery, possible humiliation (if you resist) and very slight findom, so be warned. Damn, I feel good…

(29.5 min)

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