Personalized Sessions

A Personal Connection

Do you have a particular favourite session from my collection? Would you like it to become even more special and dear to your heart? Of course you would, sweetness. You know it will feel so very good!

My personalized sessions work by adding a looped whisper track, usually between five and ten minutes of audio content, to the background of your favourite existing session. This can include your name, of course, or suggestions to help you remain in trance, or anything else really that you can think of! Just imagine how deep you could go when your favourite mp3 is tailored just to you. How much more impact it will have on your mind. 😉


All personalized whisper tracks are individually written with unique content. Session lengths may vary by up to a couple of minutes, due to natural fluctuations in speech pattern and tempo.

I retain the rights to all personalized sessions created by me. Personalized sessions are for your own private use and may not be redistributed, resold or altered without my express consent.

Order Your Personalized MP3

Fixed price:  $60

DO NOT send payment yet!

Once I have received your custom order request, I will get in touch with you to discuss details. Sending a request does not guarantee that I will accept it, so please keep hold of your money until I send you payment info. Payments sent before I have agreed to create a custom session for you will be taken as tribute.