Lace Libertine

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Tricked into a hard gay fuck, while I restrain you with my body and my sweet hypnotic words. I know you love it though, your cock can’t lie to me.

I have something for you. You might think right now that you don’t want it. But I’m going to tell you why you do.

Giving up control and letting me do whatever I damned well please with your body and mind is hot.

Yes, it really is as simple as that. My newest session ‘Bait n’ Switch’ is extremely dominant, extremely controlling and extremely sexy. You will be manipulated and tricked into bondage, humiliation, blowjobs, filthy brainwashing whispers, cum-sucking and post-hypnotic triggers; not to mention a hard forced-gay fuck from my boy, who makes a small vocal appearance in this session.

If you’ve ever wondered what I really do with my toys, you might find your questions answered here, my sweet. Of course, you won’t find out unless you man-up and try it.

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    01. L'objet D'art - SAMPLE
    Charlotte Gray

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