Remote Control II

Remote Control II – Interactive FemDom Hypnosis

I recently opened up my inbox for mp3 suggestions from you all. Well the response I got was absolutely awesome, so many great ideas to choose from! But the idea I chose to run with, it didn’t come from just one person. In fact it came from four. Each of these four boys asked, pleaded and begged so prettily and on such similar themes, how could I refuse? 😉 Remote Control II is Interactive Hypnosis.

This session will have you up and moving about in trance, as I direct your body for my own entertainment. Let go of all control, as I take over the reigns and subject you to my own special form of Remote Control. Of course… To know just what I’ll be making you do, you’re going to have to take a leap of faith that I won’t make you do anything TOO silly. 😛

(26.5 min)

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