Shadow Slave

Shadow Slave – FemDom Mirror Trance

Have you ever heard of Jungian Shadow Theory? It’s a fascinating concept, and one which inspires all sorts of interesting ideas in my mind… In this session, I’m not going to hypnotize you. You’re going to hypnotize yourself, to my exact specifications. To do this, you’re going to need a mirror, any kind of mirror will do, providing you can see your own face in it. And once you drift down into trance, following the instructions that you give to yourself, that I give to you, you will unlock your shadow. That part of yourself that lurks in dark corners, hidden from view. That part that trembles and moans and obeys without hesitation. That part which is enslaved to my voice, even as your rational mind denies the possibility. Step into the light, my ShadowSlave. There’s nothing left to fear in the darkness.

Note: Since a couple of people have emailed about this, let me just state it clearly. This session uses Shadow Theory as a basic concept, and applies it to BDSM. This is erotic hypnosis, not a therapy session. I absolutely will not be messing around with your deep seated emotional issues. That would be a very stupid thing to do, and I am not a very stupid person. 🙂

(29 min)

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