Ten Feet Away

Ten Feet Away – Cuckold Fantasy Hypnosis

This session is a first-time cuckold’s fantasy bought to life. A bitter-sweet torture for the body and soul, as I ignore not only your cock, but your very existence. Allowing some other man to take what you so desperately desire, to have what you can’t have. You might think me cruel, and you may be right, but you can’t ignore the aching, throbbing hard-on that springs to life as you imagine the feeling of being so completely owned. So completely under my sway.

Relax now, sweetness. Feel my soft, cotton ropes twist and cinch around your wrists, your ankles, tying you tightly and holding you in place. Relax, it’s alright. I’ll only be in the next room, fucking that stranger while you listen through the wall… Just ten feet away.

(35 min)

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