Trial by Fire

Trial by Fire – Branding Mindfuck Hypnosis

Do you love a good mindfuck as much as I do? Trial By Fire is a very special session, or rather, two very special sessions. This listing includes two full length hypnosis sessions, which are the same up until the crucial point. Trial By Fire – Too Hot to Handle and Trial By Fire – Fucked In The Head After succumbing to a deep and wonderful trance, you will find yourself stripped and bound in my basement, preparing to undergo a delightfully cruel ritual. You see, it’s always been a personal fantasy of mine to mark a boy with my initials. To display him as mine, in the most extreme way possible.

But there’s a twist to this story, as there is a twist to all the best stories. In one session, you will be marked. You will feel the burn, the pain, the utter helplessness of your situation. In the other… you’ll feel something else. For an extra added mindfuck, I recommend putting both sessions on a playlist and setting it to ‘random’. There’s nothing like a bit of the unexpected to keep you on your toes.

(2x 27 min)

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